From Glitch to Gradient: why it’s essential to embrace design trends, old and new

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by Paul Tapping
Senior Art Director

“Seen it all before”. It’s just this phrase that, during the cold, dark and wet days of December and January, have driven me to trawl the internet hunting for opinions and insight on upcoming design trends.

Trends that might offer up some inspiration to make 2018 our best year yet for creativity.

Because after more years in the business than I care to remember, I still find it refreshing – and exciting – that our industry is so passionate about its craft. We’re always looking for new ways to approach problems. And often it’s the old, dismissed techniques or challenges from the past that become some of our best creative assets of the future.

For instance, one article I came across talked about the ‘Glitch’ effect. Once considered a corrupt file to be sworn at and binned, it’s now an art form set to (allegedly) take the creative world by storm. While another article hailed the return of the gradient overlay… who’d have thought it!

There was more. Negative space, bold colours, large type, chaotic type, double exposure. The list goes on, and it’s all becoming trendy.

Creatives (especially those of us of a certain generation!) can easily be dismissive, with that phrase “seen it all before” an all too often-heard cry.

But, of course, that’s not the right reaction.

It’s true that some of these techniques have been around for years, but you have to see what people are doing with them now before you dismiss them. How they’re weaving them into new communication channels, and marrying them with new techniques to further creativity.

Trust me, it’ll reawaken your creative senses and make you excited about the future. If it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time for some soul searching.

Here at twogether, among our designers, copywriters and motion experts, we have a healthy proportion of the young, and the slightly older and grumpier. But what makes me proud of our department is that we’re all still so curious. Yes, us older types have invaluable experience. But, it wouldn’t be half as effective if we didn’t continually explore what’s going on – chasing the next big thing and how we can use it in our next big campaign.

So, this is why you’ll currently find me trawling the internet for 2018’s new design trends, and not only sharing them with our creatives (young and old) but with everyone, from our account teams to the MD. In fact, the entire company.

After all, we are a creative agency.

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