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Sales is the front line. And it's a tougher place than ever.

You need more than a couple of battlecards and a training video to deliver the complex propositions that sales teams need to work with these days. Especially with the changing buyers profiles and cycles, lengthier decision times, and larger decision-making units that characterise today’s B2B marketplaces.

Integrated sales and marketing teams adopt a strategic approach. They invest the same energy and resources in informing and equipping the sales team as they do in communicating with end customers.

Together, we'll empower the front line team to become marketing-savvy salespeople. Owning the customer relationship, championing the brand, delivering the revenue.

Of course, we'll do the basics. The conversation starters, competitor comparisons, presentations and other essential sales tools.

But this is another level of integration. It's about the due diligence on specific accounts or individuals, leading to deep personalisation of sales campaigns. Bringing marketing into win/lose analysis. Getting goals aligned from the outset.

Salespeople as marketers. Marketers as salespeople. And the two united as an integrated revenue engine.

It takes multiple channels and compelling concepts to inspire and motivate sophisticated sales teams. We'll  bring together our full-service portfolio of specialist skills to create messaging and assets that deliver deep impact.

Together, we'll empower your teams to accelerate growth and deliver great customer experiences.