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Your secret brand-building weapon: MarTech

2 min read - by John Breedon - Director of DataOps & Performance

When you hear the term ‘Martech’, you probably think about lead generation – and you aren’t alone if a funnel immediately popped into your head – but have you ever considered that your MarTech is perfect for brand building, too?

B2B marketers have had to work hard to ensure that sales revenue can be traced back to marketing activities. And of course, MarTech makes it possible to prove ROI, but at what cost?

Business leaders now expect to see a return on every marketing dollar spent and, while they do understand the value of branding, they don’t always understand the urgency of investing in it as the foundation for lead generation activities coming up in 6- or 12-months’ time.

Fortunately, MarTech can help solve the problem it helped create.

By utilizing intelligent data and MarTech approaches, you can deliver real-time, in-campaign reporting to help tweak and optimize brand campaign messaging, creative and targeting. So even in the absence of brand recognition reports, this is the best way to measure and improve the success of digital brand-building campaigns.

MarTech also helps accelerate the journey from awareness to consideration by automating the process of lead validation and getting contacts into a nurture stream as fast as possible.

And finally, it allows us to add the element of “always-on” branding to every customer communication touchpoint. You just need to be strategic when it comes to planning, to ensure that brand-building messages (and value) are wrapped into each lead generation activity (which they really should be anyway!).

O2 is a great example of a B2B technology brand that’s doing this well. We achieved two Gold B2B MarTech Awards with them recently, for brand building and demand generation, which goes to show that the two work together perfectly to improve marketing and revenue performance.

Fancy hearing more? Grab a coffee and take a listen to our podcast, Putting The Art Into Martech, where John Breedon explains how you can improve your brand building with Martech.