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Taming the third-party cookie monster

2 min read - by Jon Busby - CTO

How will you cope when we run out of cookies?

Our guide’s got you covered.

Last year was a rollercoaster ride for personal privacy, with many brands prepping for a data apocalypse that never came. In fact, it hasn’t come yet. Nevertheless, the countdown is well underway. Now that Google Chrome has pushed back its removal of third-party cookies until 2023 you may feel like the pressure’s off, but the change is still coming...

Our Q&A guide “Taming the third-party cookie monster” can talk you through the implications that phasing out third-party cookies will have for digital marketing. We start with the basics: explaining what cookies are, and how they are used now, then we clearly lay out the reasons for change and the impacts this is likely to have on your business.

Make no mistake, marketing will have to adapt. And it’s best to be prepared. So our guide also shares insight from twogether’s CTO, Jon Busby, and provides recommended strategies for succeeding in a digital world without the cookies we crave.

This guide will help you to:

  • Understand the different types of cookies, and how they're used
  • Learn why this change is happening and how it relates to personal privacy
  • Know what this means for your business, your campaigns, and your analytics
  • Plan how you can create new opportunities with alternative sources of data

Spend a few minutes now, so when it comes you can take the data doomsday in your stride.

Click here to read the guide. 


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