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Are you prepared for a new era of marketing in 2022?

1 min read - by Alexandra Webber - Head of Marketing

We’re approaching a tipping point in B2B marketing.

With more opportunities for digital integration and data-driven decision-making than ever before – the game is changing for good. This insight report will make sure you’re ready to keep up.

“The future of tech marketing and revenue performance: what’s impacting growth for 2022 and beyond” report discusses how marketing can live up to the board’s expectations of being an engine for growth. And how CMOs must demonstrate value and revenue performance with a focus on long-term benefits.

Marketing’s role has grown beyond delivering leads and pipeline. And so, we wanted to learn more about how senior tech marketers have adapted and are now integrating strategies for driving growth.

In partnership with B2B Marketing, we spoke to four senior tech marketers to get a deeper understanding of their views on:

  • How marketing can best demonstrate its contribution to revenue
  • The need for integration to strengthen internal and external relationships
  • Modern strategies for accelerating marketing’s transformation
  • The importance of brand, CX and efficient demand generation

This report focuses on the challenges ahead and shares input from marketing experts at the top of their game. Click below to get the full report.