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Inspiring Inclusion on International Women's Day

3 min read - by Leanne Fisher - Academy Manager

The International Women’s Day campaign this year celebrates diversity and empowerment.

It focuses on inspiring inclusion, which means breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and creating environments where every woman is valued and respected.

In line with this theme, Twogether is proud to shine a light on our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. It’s a commitment that’s brought to life through our engagement with young, diverse talent in a unique programme called Twogether Click. Click enables young people to explore the world of B2B marketing through work experience, internships, and entry-level roles.  By breaking down the conventional barriers to getting a foot in the door, we create an environment where anyone can thrive, lead, and inspire. 

Why did we launch Click? Because we believe true diversity and inclusivity means engaging everyone in the conversation and working together to make the industry more equitable. That’s why Click is open to everyone and applicants don’t need a degree or any agency experience.  

International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on our progress over the last few years and reaffirm our dedication to building a more inclusive future. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of gender equality and the continued need to dismantle the obstacles that young women face and to make sure their dreams are not just valid, but achievable. 

To highlight this, we were recently joined by Rutendo Ganga, a creative intern who embodies the essence of International Women’s Day. Rutendo’s reflections of her time with us show why it’s more than having a seat at the table, it’s about having your voice heard and your potential recognised.

" As a young woman and someone who hadn’t experienced an agency environment before, the most noticeable thing for me about Twogether was that I didn’t struggle to be heard or to get my point across. I was able to be my true authentic self and was recognised for that. The team included me in real projects and offered dedicated support to help me develop my skills. Now that I know it’s not impossible, this is something I’ll seek out in future applications!   

In our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace, we recognise the invaluable exchange of perspectives between us and the younger generation — we’re equally committed to listening and learning from them. It’s this two-way exchange that enriches our understanding, challenges our assumptions, and drives innovation. And we’re only just getting started. 

Read more about Click and see where it’s taken some of our talented Twogether teammates.