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Responsbile AI: Artificial Intelligence at LinkedIn's Agency Inspire Event

4 min read - by Michele Reale - Media Director

Artificial Intelligence. It's the word on everyone's lips.

With endless opportunities and remarkable potential, of course marketers have jumped at the chance to utilise AI.

But AI is a high-stakes, complex subject that’s constantly evolving. The suite of technologies is developing at an unprecedented speed, with moving legal boundaries and evolving ethical implications.

No wonder B2B marketers are left asking “How can I navigate the complexities of AI responsibly?”.

Thankfully, LinkedIn invited us to discuss just this at their Agency Inspire event (yes, a pure coincidence that AI was a double acronym for the day).

During their panel on Responsible AI, we shared our advice on how to utilise AI, and how B2B marketers can make the most of the opportunities it presents in a responsible way.

Here’s our take as B2B marketing agency of the year:

Question: How should B2B marketers navigate AI responsibly?
Answer: Don’t assume one-guide fits all.

B2B marketers are navigating unchartered territory. Artificial Intelligence is such a broad area to cover because “AI” is not a single technology, but a whole category of technologies, with many diverse use cases.

Therefore, marketers should not assume there is a single map to follow. Trying to form a constrained set of rules to cover all AI technologies would not only be difficult, but impractical and ultimately irresponsible.

Instead, B2B marketers should look at each use case for AI.

Approach every project with consideration and caution. The legal and ethical implications of AI development are changing just as quickly as the technology itself, so ensure that you recognise and manage each application on a case-by-case basis.

This will ensure marketers can grasp the opportunities at hand whilst still being responsible.

Question: How is B2B marketing agency of the year guiding AI usage for enterprise technology brands?
Answer: By providing compasses for success.

Okay, there’s no one map you should follow to navigate the complexities of AI.
But there are a set of principles that you can follow to act as your “compasses” for success.

This is the approach Twogether, B2B marketing agency of the year, takes.

Our compasses are a set of principles designed to help brands effectively navigate each of their nuanced scenarios. It consists of a series of questions and considerations to help guide brands in assessing the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI at both a strategic and tactical level.

Whenever we consult around AI use, we ask the following questions:

  • Where is the value? Tune out generic noise and identify the unique opportunities and threats of AI for in line with your strategy and plans
  • Is it responsible? What are the ethical and legal implications?
  • Is it actionable? Do you have the talent and technology needed to execute your AI plans?

When it comes to investment in AI, the answers to these questions provide a critical foundation.

Click here full details on our AI Compasses.

Question: What are the opportunities for B2B marketers to utilise AI?
Answer: Countless.

For B2B marketers, there’s a genuine opportunity to redefine the industry as we know it.

AI will push creative thinking in a bold direction. Create better efficiencies within media buying and planning. Improve attribution with new approaches to data analysis. Enable talent to go further within team structures. Truly countless opportunities to utilise AI.

By experimenting and pushing human-led creative and strategic thinking, along with the incredible advances in data, analytics, and attribution, we can reimagine the industry.

Make the most of the opportunities AI presents your B2B marketing.

There’s a lot of scope for marketers to push the boundries with AI. But to do so responsibly, our biggest piece of advice is to work alongside trusted partners and suppliers that can provide you with answers to the questions you face. Partners that have invested in the research and development and are abreast of the ever-changing regulations.

At Twogether, we have an AI Council on hand to help guide you - strategists, technologists, creatives, and data analysts - feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to steer your AI project to success.

But if LinkedIn’s Agency Inspire event left us with anything, it’s this:
The most irresponsible thing you can do is to not consider AI.

A huge thank you to Katie Groon and James Gill for including us on such an inspiring day.