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AI Compasses: Navigate AI in your B2B Marketing

4 min read - by Jonathan Sedger - Innovation and Partnerships Director

In this blog, we introduce the AI Compasses, a framework we have developed to help our B2B marketing clients act on AI opportunities and counter AI threats in a responsible way. 

Trying to map AI to your B2B marketing strategies, plans, and processes is like trying to find a remote location, in rocky terrain, with no GPS, and a blindfold. 

To describe artificial intelligence as complex is a massive understatement. It is not a single technology, it’s a whole cluster of technologies, with multiple use cases, that span every department, of every business, in all industries.   

Add the unprecedented speed of development, the volume of AI noise, and the numerous legal and ethical grey areas. Now you have a more realistic picture of the AI landscape you are travelling in. 

Traversing this unknown territory can feel very risky, daunting even. But in periods of great disruptive advancement, procrastination is likely to be the greatest risk of all.  

A recent survey by McKinsey* showed that of the AI-adopting respondents, 59% increased revenue from AI in 2022, and 42% used AI to decrease their business costs. It’s no wonder that C-suite execs and world leaders are scrambling to get ahead on AI. 

What the AI Compasses do  

The AI compasses are a fundamental set of questions that will help you navigate AI for your B2B marketing. Answering them will guide you on the right AI path whether you are strategizing around AI’s disruptive forces in your market, identifying product and service opportunities, or making simple improvements to a small process in a specific part of your marketing team. 

This framework sits at the core of the consultancy and guidelines we provide to our B2B marketing clients and colleagues, helping to prioritise investments and empower individuals to think about the implications of AI in any nuanced scenario they encounter.  

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How to use the AI Compasses in your B2B marketing 

  1.  Locate the value of AI for your business by identifying the unique opportunities and threats of AI to your products, services, and GTM. Use those insights to prioritise the AI investments that will help you outmanoeuvre your competitors and create action plans 
  2. Identify the gaps in talent, technology, and data that you need to fill to deliver your plans 
  3. Be responsible – highlight any legal and ethical issues that relate to your specific plans for AI and mitigate them with the right technology, processes, guidelines, and training – ignoring this could have very serious consequences  

 Applying the AI Compasses to your B2B marketing requires knowledge of AI technology fundamentals, insight into the unique attributes of your business and industry, a pulse on legal developments, and a solid grasp of your marketing strategy. Understandably this may seem overwhelming. 

To support you on this journey we have created the Twogether AI Council - a group of our specialists and department heads that cover every angle of AI: strategy, technology, data, development, media, creative, and compliance. The Twogether AI Council can provide a team to help you apply the AI Compasses at any level – strategic or tactical. 

 If you would like to discuss an AI project, please reach out to our Innovation Director, Jonathan Sedger