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The power of partnership: Drift x Twogether

3 min read - by Jonathan Sedger - Innovation and Partnerships Director

Innovation, for us, means;

“Increasing our clients campaign success through innovation and strategic partnerships”


The world’s leading tech brands trust us to be constantly innovating, from the services we provide to the companies we partner with. Innovation is essential to make your campaigns more successful in an ever more competitive digital world.

Therefore, I am delighted to announce our partnership with Drift.

Drift is the world-leading chatbot solution that allows companies to generate demand and accelerate revenue through unmatched personalization.

So, what does this mean for you?

Boosting sales and marketing alignment.

The worlds of marketing and sales are converging. From a digital experience standpoint, it is no longer acceptable to have the gaps between sales and marketing teams that there once were. Buyers want instant gratification. If they don’t get it from one vendor, they’ll go somewhere else.

But sales and marketing alignment can be difficult to achieve. There’s a lot of entrenched people and processes that need to change.

Drift makes it easy to show the impact of achieving sales and marketing alignment. It delivers benefits to both teams – as well as a dramatic positive effect on revenue.

Together, we’re on a journey to deliver three things that are essential in today’s world of marketing and sales:

  • Personalization – the importance of the individual
  • Instant gratification – the speedier the conversation, the quicker the connection, the better the personalised experience
  • Intimate relationships between customers and brands

Thanks to partners like Drift, we can continue to help our customers thrive through engaging most effectively with their customers. Keeping you one step ahead.

Stay at the forefront of your game.

What are you doing to bring more personalization into your customer engagement at scale? Are you providing the instant connection that today’s customers demand?

If you want to find out more on how to generate demand and accelerate revenue, we're here if you want to talk. 

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