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Audio in marketing: It’s not just noise

1 min read - by Harry Radcliffe - Audio Specialist

There are a lot of blogs that have flashy opening lines. We live in the age of the now. The instant. The moment.

Duh. Back to browsing.

Twogether now offers a voice service – sorry if that seemed blunt, we wanted to mention it whilst we had your attention.

The fight for that attention has descended into a lawless and daily brawl.

Blog posts are seldom the last man standing.

And yet 78 million people manage to squeeze in an average of 4 and a half hours of podcasts a week, and last year Apple celebrated their 50 billionth podcast download.

Because audio doesn’t fight for your time, it optimises your time.

Let’s say you’re in the car to work. You could listen to the same Ariana Grande classic rock album you listen to every day, or, industry experts discussing the future of Martech.

44% of B2B podcast listeners are CEOs, department heads, and C-suite decision makers. It’s hard to think of any other channel that reaches that kind of profile on such a disproportionate scale.

But the power of audio goes much further than podcasts.

By 2020, half of all online searches will be done by voice, and 30% without a screen. This year, the voice recognition market will become a $601 million industry. You, or somebody you know, owns a smart home device.

What’s more, Google plans to prioritise audio results over others. Soon you won’t be able to say SEO without considering Audio. And if 75% of business-to-business sales start with a search, then we need to start getting friendly with the smart speakers.

Voice offers incredible opportunities for sales enablement, thought leadership, brand awareness, and relationship building with both partners and end users. If you want to make your voice heard, give us a shout.

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