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A meaningful moment of tech

2 min read - by Minaz Tejani - Executive Client Services Director

So often in the world of tech marketing, we navigate our way through the labyrinth of features, benefits, speeds, feeds, what it does.

But more importantly… what does it do better than the competition? As marketers it is engrained in us to look for the different, trained to spot the special, and uncover the story that tells the tale in our creative campaigns.

Then every so often we are taken to a place which reminds us of what it is all really about – the outcomes. How technology touches people, families, businesses and is part of the very fabric of life.

How something we take for granted, can be a true wish granted for others.

I have been fortunate enough recently to have had a gentle, yet sudden, reminder as to why I do what I do… but more importantly, love what I do.

I have been part of a core team here at Twogether who have just finished refreshing the new brand for a global tech player who deliver super reliable, fast satellite broadband in the most remote locations around the globe.

From a cassava farmer in Uganda, a start-up in remotest Russia, to a family in Fuerteventura wanting to share a special moment streaming The Greatest Showman for the 10th time on Netflix.

Take super-fast broadband, it’s a need that feeds our insatiable appetite to be connected, but still for huge areas of the earth this is a limited luxury. Shouldn’t they be able to access the world at their fingertips in the way that we all take for granted? They want it. They deserve it.

This is what we term ‘meaningful tech’.

Changing the lives of those who need it, enriching the lives of those who want it. Where it matters most.

As an agency we are super proud to be part of their journey to making globalization a reality, and opening doors. To new revenue streams, to new markets, to new people and to new Spotify playlists.

If you want to learn more about our approach to telling this story, or if you would like to discuss how we can tell your meaningful tech tale, then contact me and we can talk #MeaningfulTech over a cup of tea.

In the meantime, I am off to read more about Hitachi Vantara’s Digital Evidence Manager and how it is helping global police forces make huge strides in convicting real-world criminals. There it is, #MeaningfulTech at work again.

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