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Virtualized tech: You have to get real first

2 min read - by Stuart Constable - Head of Copy and Content

Every now and then, it’s nice to touch something.

As B2B technology marketing specialists, we deal a lot in digital transformation. The cloud. Virtual this, that and the other.

So it’s easy to forget that always, at the end of all the code and wireless, there are boxes and cables. Someone, somewhere, has to plug something in, electricity has to flow and machines need to run, and keep running.

The Converged Platforms and Solutions Division of our client Dell EMC has its European manufacturing plant at Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. We’re developing a number of campaigns for them, based around their industry-leading VxBlock and VxRack converged and hyper-converged infrastructure systems.

These are seriously powerful bespoke platforms, bringing together compute, network and storage, as well as the logic that optimises them for today’s applications and cloud deployments. And as with any effective marketing communications program, you have to give the creatives involved first-hand experience of what they’re going to be selling.

Which is why Senior Account Manager Pip Davies took a team of digital specialists and our Head of Copy, Stuart Constable, out to the Cork factory to meet the engineers and project managers who actually build these remarkable machines. The Twogether team toured the factory and hosted workshops that will shape the campaigns planned for the next year and beyond.

“There’s no substitute for meeting the people who build the technologies we’re selling,” said Stuart. “When you see these systems for real, you get a completely different sense of what they’re about – and you can see why the people who buy them get so passionate about what they can do.”

The Twogether team were hosted by Alan Butler, Director of EMEA CPSD Marketing at Dell EMC.

It was a real meeting of minds. One of the reasons we work with twogether is because they’re as passionate about what we do as our own people.

In two quick days, we mapped out key aspects of our customer marketing program and defined the content that will tell the story. It will get us faster to the creative solutions we need and pay dividends for years to come.

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