Sungard Availability Services: All-Time

Brand Awareness / Repositioning / Video Production

Sungard Availability Services set out to change the language of its industry with this campaign. The aim was also to reposition the company as a provider of mission-critical managed computer services, building on its established reputation as a trusted specialist in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

big banner, big impact


Although the company already had a strong customer base in cloud and managed services, it was still better known for its DR and BC heritage. The wider service offering presented a greater opportunity for growth, and to build stronger relationships with existing customers. The strategic importance of the new services warranted moving the conversation away from the traditional audience of ICT decision makers, and into the corporate management suite. This had the advantage of reaching an audience who would be less familiar with Sungard AS and its heritage.

However, the challenge remained of engaging the audience with a technology message, which would usually be delegated instantly to the ICT team.


For the creative strategy, the central idea was to move the language of enterprise and mid-size IT services on from the conventions of ‘Five 9s’ (99.999%) reliability, or 24/7 availability. The campaign introduced the concept of ‘all-time’ service provision, with a deliberate play on the idea of all-time heroes, or sporting legends. By taking ownership of the concept of all-time, Sungard AS could position itself as the partner of choice for the provision of the digital services on which the business mission depends. Footage was taken from a variety of different Getty collections, and treated in-house by Twogether to achieve a consistent look and feel. As well as the website, the campaign helped to inform PR activities, live events, sales presentations and internal communications programmes

fully responsive website
html5 canvas and javascript game tailored to the deivce
environmental graphics
direct mail


At the end of the first year of campaigning, Sungard AS reported the following results, attributable directly to the campaign:

• 235% increase in the number of C-Level engagements
• 175% increase in the number of BANT Leads
• 80% increase in website traffic, compared with the previous corporate site
• 133% increase in content downloads, compared with the previous corporate
• 19% increase in profit from projects relating to C-level-led engagements

twogether towers, our fab home

Marlow Place:

Grade I-listed Marlow Place was built in 1720 for John Wallop, 1st Earl of Portsmouth. Host to the highest of society (including George II) the building was designed with pediments, pilasters, a ballroom… and a secret underground tunnel to the pub – for Wallop to smuggle in ladies of the night. At the end of the 18th century the house was acquired by the Royal Military Academy. In the 1950s it was a girls’ finishing school (old Wallop would surely have approved). And today, it's home to us.


Marlow Place
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