VMware – Marketing-as-a-Service – Helping channel partners win renewals

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This campaign addressed a key problem that can arise when a vendor has indirect relationships with end-users, particularly for products that are licence-based. It’s the challenge of renewals. Subscriptions and renewable licence sales are effectively continuous nurtures. As well as demand and lead generation, vendors must maintain relationships with customers who have already subscribed, to ensure they renew.

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The brief to Twogether focused on vSphere, VMware’s server virtualisation platform. It was based on the launch of a new version, vSphere 6.0, and the invitation to upgrade to vSphere 6.0 with Operations Management. Our objective was to increases the rate of annual renewals for vSphere through the channel, using the launch of the new version as the hook. We worked closely with the distributors, asking each to identify up to five partners for the programme. This ensured maximum uptake, from partners who had track records of positive engagement with initiatives of this kind.

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The solution we developed was effectively an outsourced ‘Marketing-as-a-Service’ pack for distributors to provide to reseller partners. It comprised three HTML emails and a dedicated landing page, all of which could easily be co-branded with the partner logo. But it also included an allocation of telemarketing days to follow up the emails and help to close upgrade deals. This took away most of the barriers to adoption for the partners; it was a ready-made campaign that automatically qualified for marketing development fund (MDF) support and required very little time and effort to deploy.

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The campaign was deployed to customers who were due to renew within three months. It was an immediate success, producing an upgrade deal worth more than £70,000. This deal alone covered the cost of the entire campaign. In all, more than 1,500 end-user customers have engaged with the programme. One of the distributors adopted it for use across a wider community of partners, investing their own marketing funds in deploying the package.

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