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This campaign was designed to overcome a key barrier to selection for Sennheiser: the perception that, as professional studio quality technology, Sennheiser headsets and speakerphones are too expensive.

In fact, Sennheiser products are price competitive, and that professional quality is a real asset for users. So we set out to get more people to try Sennheiser.

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Sennheiser is an internationally recognised sound technology brand, famous for its professional-quality audio equipment. It’s a growing sector – headsets are no longer confined to contact centres as standard pieces of office equipment.

Twogether was briefed to change this perception of Sennheiser as a costly option, and to build demand from resellers in the unified communications market. It was a classic positioning challenge. The fact is that Sennheiser is price competitive. Users also find the products consistently superior in terms of audio quality and comfort. But positioning lore says you don’t change perceptions by attacking them head on – you have to present fresh ideas that give people new understanding.

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The growth of the market gave us an opportunity to play to the key strengths of the products: they’re comfortable to wear and the sound quality is easy on the ear. These are important considerations for a workplace tool you’ll be using all day. It meant that the best way to get Sennheiser higher up the consideration list for unified communications technology was to get resellers and end users to try the products. UC EXPO 2015 at Olympia presented the perfect opportunity – but we needed to make sure people came to the stand.

To drive traffic to the UC EXPO stand, we conceived a simple game, with Sennheiser products as prizes. In keeping with the campaign theme, we called it “What’s That Sound?”

The campaign incorporated pre- and post-event emails, flyers and a promotional banner for the Sennheiser website. The Sennheiser sales team also used Twitter to promote the event to their reseller customers.

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It was a simple but highly effective live event marketing initiative. The team on the stand scanned 180 passes – the average for the event per stand was 131 – and the game itself generated 95 leads.

Exhibitors at the show – known as ‘affiliates’ – were given access to a range of marketing resources and we made sure that our client got full value from the facility. Sennheiser was rated in the top ten affiliates for proactive marketing of their presence at the show.

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