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This campaign brought sales and marketing teams together in recognition of the element of entertainment involved in any successful sales presentation.

Tasked with building sales to the education sector, Lenovo’s education account management team consulted their marketing colleagues about adding some creative flair to the conventional sales demonstration kit.

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For the marketing campaign, the objective was to showcase the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, ThinkPad Tablet 2 and ThinkPad X131e to schools in the UK and Nordic territories, through an interactive demo kit.

There was a second marketing objective of gaining trials of the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad Tablet 2 by schools in France and Germany.

The sales teams had a target of $2.3 million in terms of opportunity pipeline. This represented a 10% conversion rate from leads generated.

At the same time, the campaign was designed to raise awareness and build the Lenovo brand as a leader in the education sector.


Good sales people are entertainers. They weave stories, make you laugh and generally try to make you love them. Lenovo’s marketers, working with Twogether, decided to give the sales team the theatrical props they needed to tell the ThinkPad story to the education sector.

The result was the Lenovo ThinkLab, a demo kit that came complete with everything the sales team needed to show just how rugged the Lenovo ThinkPad range of laptops and tablets actually is. The packs contained demo models, but they also included a hammer, a bottle of water, safety glasses and cleaning cloths.

An illustrated brochure, using blueprint-style drawings to evoke the school lab environment, accompanied the campaign. For overseas markets, smaller versions of the pack were created, giving schools and colleges the opportunity to trial the products for three months.

personalised incentive landing page
fully responsive website
html5 canvas and javascript game tailored to the deivce
environmental graphics
direct mail


The targets set for the sales teams were exceeded by 41%.

• 1,045 product demos given
• 2,090 ThinkPad Yoga calls and quotes generated
• £996,295 worth of quotes received during roadshows, across all lenovo products
• £2,720,000 sales from 15 roadshows across all Lenovo products

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