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This was a campaign designed to move a cautious and conservative audience out of its comfort zone. Storage is a critical part of any corporate infrastructure and any change is fraught with risk. But for IT storage professionals, change is coming: virtualisation of the data centre and of applications, as well as the growth of cloud computing, have transformative implications for the storage team.

The audience for this campaign knows and trusts Brocade. This relationship was a critical factor as we set about evangelising a new concept to this highly specialized audience: IP Storage networking.

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The challenge for Brocade was to take seasoned, risk-averse storage specialists on the journey to IP Storage networks. To do this, we needed to create fresh, relevant and valuable content that introduced a radical new idea without compromising the audience’s trust for the brand.

We had some key messages to convey and previous campaigns had shown video to be an effective channel. But, like most B2B audiences, storage professionals are time poor. Rather than make them sit through a three-minute video, we offered them three one-minute animated clips.

Creating informative and relevant IP Storage networking content for use in demand generation activity

Providing easy-to-digest content that could be used in various mediums

Achieving an emotional connection with the target audience through empathy and understanding of their problems

Clearly communicating solutions that build confidence around IP Storage networking

Educating and empowering the target audience to take action

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A simple guiding principle defined the approach to creating the main content for the campaign: would you rather watch one three-minute video, or three one-minute videos?

Although the audience are a sophisticated bunch, used to highly technical concepts, building, deploying and managing IP Storage networking is so radical a step that we felt it would be better to break it into quick, easily digestible principles. Also, storage professionals, like most business people, are very time-poor.

We also felt that a lighter touch was needed, to engage the imagination of the mobilizers, while still making a serious point. So we opted for the 3 x 1 video route and used a lively, hand-drawn style, blending live-action drawing with animation. The key to achieving credibility was the insight that informed the copy. The scripts were short, but addressed front-of-mind issues for the storage audience, in their own language. One video even highlighted the personal career benefits of taking IP Storage Networking seriously.

Two blogs were also published, and the content was advertised on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Display Networks, Google Search, and Network Computing. Brocade sponsored the Data Center section for 3 months.

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• Video 1: “Take back control”: 42,766 views to date
• Video 2: “Get your IP Storage back on track”: 36,494 views to date
• Video 3: “Storage fabrics”: 21,999 views to date

• Blog 1 – “Your own Storage Network? It’s time to drive change”: 33,629 views to date
• Blog 2 – “To prevent data gridlock, you need a smarter highway”: 15,133 views to date
• Total: 150,021 views/reads to date.

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"With these videos the message cuts through without looking like it's trying too hard. And I love that all this content could be turned around so fast and all without putting a strain on my budget!"

Terri Epidendio – Marketing Manager, Global Demand Generation

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