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The inside story: selling in Europe

Everything you need to know on Brexit, GDPR and the trends affecting channel success in Europe….

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Everything you need to know on Brexit, GDPR and the trends affecting channel success in Europe.

Delivering a successful global channel program is a big enough challenge. But recent developments in Europe, from Brexit to the imminent GDPR data law coming in 2018, make it even harder.

England may be small, but it’s home to a big market opportunity for global organisations. And now it’s being affected by some big changes within its own coastlines and beyond. The twogether UK office and UK-based clients are living and breathing this volatile market. So, we’ve decided to bring that local expertise stateside and share with you the market secrets and hands-on learning we’ve accumulated on the front line!

The Channel Meet Up is an event dedicated to bringing channel marketers together and providing an open forum for networking, to share best practices, insights and experiences to help grow channel programme success. Off the back of the huge success of these events in the UK, and in conjunction with the recent opening of our office in San Francisco, we’re bringing the Channel Meet Up across the pond to California.

With it, we’ll be bringing some of the best marketers together in one room to talk about the challenges that can affect incentive programs across Europe, cultural nuances and managing co-marketing funds in the region.

Attending will be our US VP, Lisa Ruddy, and our UK Group Account Director, Alex Norbury, who will be on hand to share their learnings on running channel programs across Europe and beyond.

After the event, you’ll also have a chance to network over drinks and hear more about experiences of the impact of Brexit and the imminent GDPR data law so far.

To get the inside story on all this and more don’t forget to secure your slot.

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Author: Stuart Constable

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