Tech trend: Bluetooth babies

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs on the planet (so I’m told).
So isn’t it about time that technology came to the rescue?
Let’s look at a few of the latest inventions designed to make parent’s lives easier….

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Here’s a thing: wearable technology for babies and children.

It’s a trend that’s emerging, and all sorts of gadgets were unveiled at CES back in January.

In some ways, they make a lot of sense.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs on the planet (so I’m told).

So isn’t it about time that technology came to the rescue?

Let’s look at a few of the latest inventions designed to make parents’ lives easier:

Mimo >


This onesie gives real-time audio and insights into your baby’s sleep activity,

right on your smart device, from anywhere in the world.

Pacif-i >


The world’s first smart pacifier that monitors a baby’s temperature and transmits

the data to an app on a parent’s iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Monbaby >

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 22.07.11

A baby monitor that snaps onto any article of a child’s clothing, just like a button.

It tracks your baby’s breathing rate, movement level and sleep position, then sends an alarm if your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds or if she rolls from her back to her stomach, falls or is removed from a certain proximity

LG KizON >


This smart tracking bracelet allows parents to keep an eye on where children are, and contact them easily through a phone call.

Children can phone parents through a built in sim card at the touch of a single button.

I think these will be adopted fairly quickly wherever the price is right, and before long parents won’t know how to cope without them.

But will these gadgets actually make parents lives easier?

Some might make parental tasks quicker so mums and dads can make better use of their limited time.

But one young father I know said he thought they would probably just give inexperienced parents more reasons to worry!

Will they help keep babies healthier?

There’s a huge amount of potential for gadgets like these to keep children healthy.

These gadgets could uncover conditions earlier on in life than they might have been picked up in the past, and could make it easier for parents to manage children’s long-term conditions.

They’ll also allow parents to keep an eye on how much physical activity children are getting, and the foods they are eating when parents are not around. This could be a vital tool in the fight against childhood obesity.

Will they keep children safer?

Through increasing media coverage, there’s a lot of fear over what can happen to children in today’s society. Technology needs to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

The ability to track and contact children easily without putting unreasonable constraints on their freedom could be the perfect solution. But a generation of children who are used to being tracked at every step sounds very 1984 to me.

What any mum or dad will tell you that parenting is not an exact science, there is a huge amount of uncertainty. These devices make me wonder how much longer it will be that way. 

Let us know what you think. Would you buy any of these?


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