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Richard Lieberman

Jan 8, 2014

Nothing is without risk.

Crossing the street. Proposing marriage. Eating mussels. Making ads. They all present risk. When I set out to write this post, I had a different title in mind: ‘Where has all the bravery gone?’ It’s a good question – particularly...

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Richard Lieberman

Dec 5, 2013

The size of your budget is not the problem.*

*Within reason. There’s no shortage of opinion about the current state of our industry. Creatives; account people; planners, technologists: we all talk about media fragmentation; marketing clutter; the power of ideas; the role of technology, and the reach of social...

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Kirsty Gilchrist

Dec 4, 2013

Behind the headline, what’s the true power of popcorn?

"Eating popcorn makes you immune to advertising", screams the headline on the MSN website. Does it? Let’s dig deeper. The report refers to a study by Cologne University, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. It builds on recent...

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Rod Hirsch

Dec 3, 2013

What we want vs. what we need

Whenever I see a creative brief and it already has the delivery mechanism (DM, online, press, whatever) filled in before the proposition has been decided, I know we're deep into 'want' territory. It may not be what the client needs,...

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