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Rod Hirsch

Feb 6, 2014

Levelling the killing field

In medieval warfare, a knight in armour on a horse could do a lot of damage to ordinary men-at-arms. He had height and weight on his side, and sheer momentum would often carry the cavalry right through defensive lines.  [caption...

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Kirsty Gilchrist

Jan 30, 2014

Mad about technology

I often get asked why we at twogether specialise in technology. There is one simple answer for me: because we love it. Part of our gift as an agency is in using creativity to transform complex technology into something interesting...

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Claire Hickman

Jan 22, 2014

My clients, my rules

An agency’s most vital asset is its clients. Without them, we couldn’t survive. When clients are happy, they help us grow – not only by continuing to do business with us, but also by recommending us to others. Not surprisingly,...

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Tim Burton

Jan 15, 2014

Inspiration Everywhere

As a creative agency we care about ideas. And every idea begins with a moment of inspiration. It can come from anywhere – including the seemingly mundane. George De Mestral was an electrical engineer. He went hunting one day in the...

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