How to supercharge your ABM strategy with 5 simple steps. In 2019, how do you plan to up your marketing game?

76% of B2B marketers are increasing their ABM efforts this year, so the competition will be fierce. But there’s good news. Developing marketing that delivers measurable results is possible. And it’s simple with five key resolutions.

These steps will help you generate more value in your lead pipeline and create marketing that makes your customers react.

1. Flip your funnel

One size doesn’t always fit all. And it’s the same for awareness ABM strategies. To get it right, flip volume-based marketing on its head.

Traditional demand generation processes relies on broad awareness campaigns, generic consideration nurture tactics and then supporting the decision-making process.

The ABM marketing methodology is targeted, systematic marketing that focuses on bringing you the best results with the most fruitful opportunities for the organisation.

The outcome of this review will dictate the ABM approach taken e.g. a one-to-one or one-to-many approach.

2. Get your data in order

Data – it’s the one thing that will determine the success of your ABM strategy. If the quality isn’t good enough, you’re in for a challenge.

Securing data and insight on accounts to start the selection process is often the most time-consuming task. Where is your data stored? How up to date is it? What information do you hold on opportunities, individuals, account profiles? What stats do you have on their online behaviours and site visits?

Once you’ve secured this data, you can segment it with your business objectives. Common objectives align to their current funnel stage, industrial verticals with the most traction or with a competitive displacement consideration.

3. Align with your sales and operations teams

There are three key functions for ABM to be truly smart. And each of them should be involved in the evaluation of target accounts, tactics and technologies.

Sales, Marketing and Operations. They’re key to achieving the greatest rewards when it comes to engagement, close rates and the velocity with which you can deliver your program.

4. Re-prioritise your deliverables

It’s time for a change in focus. From the traditional inbound and outbound techniques of mass demand-generation for sales teams to customer and prospect intelligence, meaningful leads for marketing teams and an alteration in how operations teams report on the ABM objectives.

Make sure everyone on the program knows what the sales enablement tactics are and how they will be reported on.

5. Set your metrics

You’ve got your data in order. You’ve got your sales and operations teams onboarded. You know what you want to achieve. You have a list of accounts. And you’re almost ready to start planning the campaign.

But there’s one final step.

Baseline your metrics and agree what you are going to report back on. How will you identity if the strategy has been successful? An uplift in conversion rate? More marketing influence revenue?

The most powerful way is to present back to the management team the tangible uplift effect that your campaign has had on the target accounts compared to where you started from. See, it really does all start and end with data.

So that’s it. 5 golden rules that will enable you to supercharge your ABM strategy this year. Are you ready to get started?

There’s still time to supercharge your ABM strategy for 2019. And with an ABM certification from Demandbase, there has never been a better time to chat to us about your ABM plans for the year ahead.