In 1987 John Knoll invented something that would redefine how designers use creative tools today.

That invention was Photoshop.

Who would have guessed that it was Knoll’s passion for the first 3 Star Wars films that would inspire him to pursue a dream of bringing films to life using technology?

Along with his brother, Knoll co-created and developed a tool which catapulted special effects into a completely new space - literally.

Unhindered by restrictions of what could or could not be done, the two brothers tirelessly worked on their initial foundation of image and colour manipulation to create realistic new worlds and new dimensions.

When I first started out as a junior designer, Photoshop was used on black and white Macs. Over the years, I would see the gradual changes it presented for us to use. Knoll, by now, had sold Photoshop to Adobe, who along with their creative team began to advance and introduce new filters and techniques that we take for granted today.

Now in full colour glory, we use Adobe Photoshop as part of a bigger suite of tools to the extent that the only thing holding designers back is their imagination.

But, let’s not forget – the idea and creation comes from understanding the need of when to utilise these tools. Similar to the way designers had to have a great idea and a visual, which would then be brought to life using lithographic printers, to bring colour to their graphics way before computers were on the scene.

At twogether, our creative team understands that through sheer determination and passion, the right idea can be brought to life through ‘intelligent’ use of technology. We tirelessly pursue new ways of capturing that idea but always make sure the idea is at the core of everything we do.

Lastly, my admission is that, like Knoll, my love for Star Wars and the technology he created and used, contributed to my journey as a designer, compelling me to work within great teams where we can form ideas that will change industries.