Five new features in iOS 10 – and why they’re important for marketers (even B2B)

Number 10 is out! Today, the tenth version of Apple’s phone and tablet operating system, iOS, is released to the public. Previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, the latest release of the operating system software brings new features and functionality to Apple mobile devices, old and new. It marks the beginning of…

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Author: Jon Busby

Jon Busby

Digital Director Jon Busby is particularly passionate about revolutionary technology, fitness, productivity and stuff that's orange.


Latest content marketing thinking: The three rules of statistical clarity

Content marketing thrives on statistics. But they’re seductive and deceptive, because they look as though they mean something, when often they don’t. Worse, they’ve made us lazy in our thinking. If we have a statistic, then we think we’ve made a convincing point and we don’t need to look too hard at the detail. The…

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Author: Stuart Constable

Stuart Constable

Head of Copy Stuart has been around for too long, really. He's always open to new ideas, provided they fit his rapidly narrowing view of how things should be.