"Eating popcorn makes you immune to advertising", screams the headline on the MSN website.

Does it? Let’s dig deeper.

The report refers to a study by Cologne University, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. http://bit.ly/1cVjBq3

It builds on recent research that shows we remember brands by simulating the pronunciation of a new name with our mouths.

Every time we re-encounter the name, our mouth subconsciously practices its pronunciation.

What this new study confirmed is that this process can be disturbed when we chew.

Participants were shown commercials for unfamiliar brands. For example, the butter brand Lurpak, which is relatively unknown in Germany.

So, popcorn doesn’t have a mystical shielding power after all. But if you’re launching a new brand, it’s probably best not to talk when your audience has their mouths full.